OJCAS Manuscript Submission Guide

Information for Authors

The IEEE Open Journal of Circuits and Systems (OJCAS) publishes 5-12 page papers on theory, analysis, design, and practical implementations of circuits, and the application of circuit techniques to systems and signal processing. Included is the whole spectrum from basic scientific theory to industrial applications. Fields of interest include:

  • Analog, Digital, and Mixed-Signal Circuits and Systems
  • Integrated Sensors, MEMS and Systems on Chip, Nanoscale Circuits and Systems, Optoelectronics, Biomedical Circuits
  • Control aspects of Circuits and Systems
  • Circuits and Systems for Communications
  • Power Electronics Circuits and Systems
  • Software for Analog-and-Digital Circuits and Systems
  • Nonlinear Circuits and Systems
  • Signal Processing

Submitted papers are expected to contain new results, ideas, or innovations that advance significantly the state of the art. For submissions which emphasize achievements in circuit performance, experimental/prototype results detailing the specific metric achievement are mandatory. Submissions emphasizing conceptual contributions do not require measurements per se, but require that all new techniques and methodologies are verified by appropriate scientific means. Authors submitting a paper undertake that the same paper has not been submitted, accepted, published, or copyrighted elsewhere. OJCAS will consider expanded versions of previously published IEEE conference publications, provided the manuscripts contain at least 30% substantive new material. 

Article Submission

  • All articles must be submitted via our OJCAS IEEE Author Portal at  https://ieee.atyponrex.com/journal/oj-cas.

  • Format your article for submission by using the article template, located in the IEEE Author Center.  [Word and LaTeX versions are available.] 

  • Submit your article text in PDF format. Visit the IEEE Author Center for information on writing the abstract, using equations in your article, publishing author names in native languages, and more.

  • Submit your figures individually in PS, EPS, PDF, PNG, or TIF format. Visit the IEEE Author Center for information on resolution, size requirements, file naming conventions, and more.

  • Please note that previously submitted material will be returned without review. 

  • For information on submitting supplementary material such as graphical abstracts, multimedia, or datasets, visit the IEEE Author Center.

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Publication Fees Policy and Article Processing Charges (APCs)

As we aim to publish widely indexed, carefully copyedited, high-quality manuscripts, publication of an accepted paper requires expensive production steps. In the editing and production stage, IEEE employs professional full-time staff and freelancers, and we have to pay for these services. To defray these costs (and because we do not sell subscriptions like toll-access journals) we require authors to pay certain fees.

Authors publishing in OJ-CAS pay an article processing fee open access fee (also called an open access, or OA fee) only in case of acceptance in the amounts stated below.

These fees are usually funded from research grants, and new researchers in the area are urged to budget for open access publications in their grant proposals, much as they budget for conference presentations. 

Several research institutions and companies have partnered with the IEEE to support authors who wish to publish via open access. If yours is one of these, your APCs will be covered in part or in full. Please see the list of institutions partnered with IEEE on the IEEE Open Access Agreements with Institutions website, as you may not need to pay any fees.

Article processing fees for Open Access journals have become an increasingly accepted method to defray the costs for publication, and fortunately, most institutions have developed mechanisms and funding sources to cover publication costs in high-quality open access journals.

The OJCAS APCs for this journal are as follows:

  • For papers submitted in 2023: $1,950 USD (plus applicable local taxes)
  • For papers submitted in 2024: $1,995 USD (plus applicable local taxes)

The following discounts apply:

  • IEEE Members receive a 15% discount
  • IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Members receive a 40% discount

Discounts do not apply to undergraduate and graduate students. These discounts cannot be combined, 2023 APC pricing is based on articles submitted in 2023. Articles submitted in 2022 will maintain the 2022 APC pricing ($1,850) when billed.

​​​​The above discounts, valid for papers formally accepted through the end of 2023, are subsidized by the IEEE CAS Society and the IEEE, cannot be combined, and are applicable with proof of valid membership requirements. 


All IEEE journals require an Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) for all authors. ORCID is a persistent unique identifier for researchers and functions similarly to an article’s Digital Object Identifier (DOI). You will need a registered ORCID to submit an article or review a proof in this journal. Learn more about ORCID and sign up for an ORCID today.

English Language Editing Services

English language editing services can help refine the language of your article and reduce the risk of rejection without review.  IEEE authors are eligible for discounts at several language editing services; visit the IEEE Author Center to learn more. Please note these services are fee-based and do not guarantee acceptance.