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Last updated: Jan 6, 2018

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR): A State-of-the-Art Review
Shan Du; Mahmoud Ibrahim; Mohamed Shehata; Wael Badawy
Publication Year: 2013, Volume: 23, Issue: 2, Pages: 311 - 325
Cited by: Papers (314)

Efficient Parallel Framework for HEVC Motion Estimation on Many-Core Processors
Chenggang Yan; Yongdong Zhang; Jizheng Xu; Feng Dai; Jun Zhang; Qionghai Dai; Feng Wu
Publication Year: 2014, Volume: 24, Issue: 12, Pages: 2077 - 2089
Cited by: Papers (235)

Fast CU Splitting and Pruning for Suboptimal CU Partitioning in HEVC Intra Coding
Seunghyun Cho; Munchurl Kim
Publication Year: 2013, Volume: 23, Issue: 9, Pages: 1555 - 1564
Cited by: Papers (191)

Fast Intra Mode Decision for High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC)
Hao Zhang; Zhan Ma
Publication Year: 2014, Volume: 24, Issue: 4, Pages: 660 - 668
Cited by: Papers (143)

Crowded Scene Analysis: A Survey
Teng Li; Huan Chang; Meng Wang; Bingbing Ni; Richang Hong; Shuicheng Yan
Publication Year: 2015, Volume: 25, Issue: 3, Pages: 367 - 386
Cited by: Papers (135)

Person Re-Identification by Regularized Smoothing KISS Metric Learning
Dapeng Tao; Lianwen Jin; Yongfei Wang; Yuan Yuan; Xuelong Li
Publication Year: 2013, Volume: 23, Issue: 10, Pages: 1675 - 1685
Cited by: Papers (114)

Adaptive Inter-Mode Decision for HEVC Jointly Utilizing Inter-Level and Spatiotemporal Correlations
Liquan Shen; Zhaoyang Zhang; Zhi Liu
Publication Year: 2014, Volume: 24, Issue: 10, Pages: 1709 - 1722
Cited by: Papers (111)

An Inpainting-Assisted Reversible Steganographic Scheme Using a Histogram Shifting Mechanism
Chuan Qin; Chin-Chen Chang; Ying-Hsuan Huang; Li-Ting Liao
Publication Year: 2013, Volume: 23, Issue: 7, Pages: 1109 - 1118
Cited by: Papers (109)

Efficient Mode Decision Schemes for HEVC Inter Prediction
Jarno Vanne; Marko Viitanen; Timo D. Hämäläinen
Publication Year: 2014, Volume: 24, Issue: 9, Pages: 1579 - 1593
Cited by: Papers (94)

An Object-Oriented Visual Saliency Detection Framework Based on Sparse Coding Representations
Junwei Han; Sheng He; Xiaoliang Qian; Dongyang Wang; Lei Guo; Tianming Liu
Publication Year: 2013, Volume: 23, Issue: 12, Pages: 2009 - 2021
Cited by: Papers (77)

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Overview of the high efficiency video coding (HEVC) standard
Gary J. Sullivan; Jens-Rainer Ohm; Woo-Jin Han; Thomas Wiegand
Publication Year: 2012, Page(s):1649 - 1668.
Cited by 2465 

Comparison of the coding efficiency of video coding standards—including high efficiency video coding (HEVC)
Jens-Rainer Ohm; Gary J. Sullivan; Heiko Schwarz; Thiow Keng Tan; Thomas Wiegand
Publication Year: 2012, Page(s):1669 - 1684
Cited by 655

HEVC complexity and implementation analysis
Frank Bossen; Benjamin Bross; Karsten Suhring; David Flynn
Publication Year: 2012, Page(s):1685 - 1696
Cited by 441 

Intra coding of the HEVC standard
Jani Lainema; Frank Bossen; Woo-Jin Han; Junghye Min; Kemal Ugur
Publication Year: 2012, Page(s):1792 - 1801
Cited by 264 

Block partitioning structure in the HEVC standard
Il-Koo Kim; Junghye Min; Tammy Lee; Woo-Jin Han; JeongHoon Park
Publication Year: 2012, Page(s):1697 - 1706
Cited by 196 

Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR): A state-of-the-art review
Shan Du; Mahmoud Ibrahim; Mohamed Shehata; Wael Badawy
Publication Year: 2013, Page(s):311 - 325
Cited by 185 

Sample adaptive offset in the HEVC standard
Chih-Ming Fu; Elena Alshina; Alexander Alshin; Yu-Wen Huang; Ching-Yeh Chen; Chia-Yang Tsai; Chih-Wei Hsu; Shaw-Min Lei; Jeong-Hoon Park; Woo-Jin Han
Publication Year: 2012, Page(s):1755 - 1764
Cited by 144 

Comparative rate-distortion-complexity analysis of HEVC and AVC video codecs
Jarno Vanne; Marko Viitanen; Timo D. Hamalainen; Antti Hallapuro
Publication Year: 2012, Page(s):1885 - 1898
Cited by 138 

Parallel scalability and efficiency of HEVC parallelization approaches
Chi Ching Chi; Mauricio Alvarez-Mesa; Ben Juurlink; Gordon Clare; Félix Henry; Stéphane Pateux; Thomas Schierl
Publication Year: 2012, Page(s):1827 - 1838
Cited by 129 

HEVC deblocking filter
Andrey Norkin; Gisle Bjontegaard; Arild Fuldseth; Matthias Narroschke; Masaru Ikeda; Kenneth Andersson; Minhua Zhou; Geert Van der Auwera
Publication Year: 2012, Page(s):1746 - 1754
Cited by 121