CASCOM Membership

Membership in the CASCOM TC is open to any IEEE CASS member. Any prospective member should attend the meeting of the TC held every year at ISCAS as a guest. A candidate can be nominated for membership in the TC by any one of the TC members. Membership is approved by a majority of members voting in favor of the candidate. The voting may take place at the TC meeting held at ISCAS or electronically at any time. Membership in the TC meeting is considered to be ACTIVE if the member attends the TC meeting at ISCAS, or participates in the TC related activities such as reviewing papers for conferences or workshops supported by or are of interest to the TC, or by serving on the editorial boards of the Transactions and Journals of the society. If a member becomes inactive for a period of two years, the secretary of the TC will remind the member to be active. If a member remains inactive for four years, then the member will be automatically removed from the TC. The committee shall have up to 60 members.