NCAS Mailing List

NCAS TC Members' Mailing List

NCAS TC maintains a low-volume, unmoderated electronic mailing list. Conference announcements, calls for papers, and technical discussion within the scope of this technical committee are appropriate for this list. The list is also used to announce major changes in the group’s WWW service, the availability of meeting minutes, and the like.

Messages you send to (Click to show email) are immediately distributed to the list of all members of the NCAS TC, without further editing by anybody. Thus, some care is advised.

The list is maintained using data from the Technical Committee Members' Roster. If you are a TC member and you have problems receiving messages from the list or sending to it, please contact the TC Secretary. Please do not send subscriptions or other administrative requests to the list itself.

Legacy Mailing List

The mailing list above superceeded a legacy mailing list for the Technical Committee that has served the TC for many years courtesy of Ljiljana Trajkovic. Currently, a transition between the two is in progress. Hence, may be advisable to cross post the most important content both on the IEEE list and the legacy list, reachable at ncastc-ieee at

To subscribe, unsubscribe or update your mailing address on the legacy list, please write an email both to the TC Secretary and to ljilja at cs.sfu.caPlease do not send subscription or other administrative requests to the list itself.

Officers' Mailing List

At any time, you can contact the TC Officers through the mailing list (Click to show email).