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TC Chair: Prof.  Baris Taskin

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TC Chair: Prof. Baris Taskin

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TC Chair-Elect/Secretary: Prof. Emre Salman

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TC Chair: Prof. Baris Taskin

How to become a member of the TC?

Any prospective member can be nominated by one of the VSA TC members. The nominator should send resume or biography of the nominee to Chair-Elect/Secretary at least one month before the annual TC meeting, who will circulate the information to the members for voting. The voting may be carried out at the TC meeting during ISCAS or can be conducted electronically.

How to request VSA-TC endorsement for a conference?

The endorsement of a TC, such the VSA-TC, is a requirement for CASS (co-)sponsored conferences, as explained at the conference organizer resources section of CASS.  VSA Technical committee provides endorsement for select conferences that maintain a high standard of quality in covering topic areas relevant to the VSA-TC. 

In order to request VSA-TC endorsement for a conference, please complete the following form here.

For an overview of the form in the above link, used to request TC endorsement, see here.

What is the VSA-TC Liaison program?

The VSA-TC Liaison program is established in order to assess, as well as improve, the technical quality of conferences seeking technical endorsement form VSA-TC for CAS sponsorship. The program is initiated to deliver on the premise of the CASS expectation for TC approvals: “The conference committees (steering, organizing and technical) must include TC members with special interest in the conference.” See the link here for the CASS guidelines.

CAS VSA-TC liaison(s) are voluntary positions for VSA-TC members. VSA-TC liaisons are nominated to take part in a conference’s organizing committee. The charge of a liaison are 1) making recommendations for and 2) monitoring the quality process of a conference seeking a VSA-TC technical endorsement (for CASS sponsorship). The liaison(s) are asked to provide a brief summary of their observations to VSA-TC following the conference and prior to the next edition of that conference. The two most typical cases are:

  1. For an established conference that enjoyed years of VSA-TC endorsement, continue monitoring the process by reviewing TPC acceptance rates and TPC formation,
  2. For a newly established or less known (at least to VSA-TC) conference that does not or may not immediately win an endorsement, make recommendations to the TPC and OC about the factors our TC is interested in, such as establishing an international makeup of known experts, including VSA-TC members as suggested by CASS guidelines.

More details of the VSA-TC Liaison program, including their selection and responsibilities, and how the conferences can interact with VSA-TC Liaisons, are presented in the VSA-TC Liaison guidelines document.