Volunteer as a Reviewer

We invite all researchers active in AgriFood electronics to participate in the review of manuscripts submitted to TAFE. Reviewers typically are independent academic investigators with a doctoral degree, although reviewers from industry with significant professional or clinical experience are also common and highly welcome.

If you would like to review for TAFE, please update (or create) your author/reviewer account on the TAFE ScholarOne submission site.  It is especially important to indicate your areas of expertise with several keywords.  These keywords will be accessed by Associate Editors searching for reviewers in the database, based on the keywords of the submissions received. Feel free to also send us an email to alert us to your availability to review, and we will pass on your account information to the Associate Editors in charge of new manuscript submissions that match your area.

We recognize that quality reviews are extremely important but take significant time and effort on behalf of the peer reviewing volunteer community.  Although all reviewers remain anonymous, all reviewers are named and acknowledged annually in the December issue.  We pay close attention to exceptionally performing reviewers, several of which have later joined the editorial board and are now Associate Editors of TAFE.