Roberto La Rosa

Roberto La Rosa

STMicroelectronics, Catania, Italy
IEEE Region
Region 08 (Africa, Europe, Middle East)

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Dr. Roberto La Rosa is an esteemed electrical engineer with a Master’s degree from the University of Palermo and a Ph.D. from the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. His doctoral thesis, which merited the prestigious Thomas Gessner Award in 2023, concentrated on pioneering strategies and techniques for the autonomous operation of wireless sensor nodes via energy harvesting and wireless power transfer.

Since his tenure beginning in 1997 at STMicroelectronics, Dr. La Rosa has been instrumental in various capacities. His expertise has been integral in the design of high-frequency Phase-Locked Loops (PLLs) for clock generation and signal recovery, fiber-optic transceiver systems, power management integrated circuits, and the development of analog, digital, and mixed-signal bipolar and CMOS circuits. His proficiency in IC mixed-signal design and ultra-low power applications has been pivotal in advancing these technological areas.

Currently, as a Research Senior Staff Member at STMicroelectronics Catania, Dr. La Rosa’s re- search is focused on Ultra-Low Power applications, Wireless Power Transfer, Energy Harvesting, and high-frequency power conversion. He has authored several influential papers and holds multiple patents in these fields, underscoring his leadership in energy autonomy for wireless sensor networks.

In addition to his research activities, Dr. La Rosa is an Associate Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Agrifood Electronics, where he lends his expertise to the advancement of electrical engineering, contributing significantly to the growth of this vital area of study.

IEEE CASS Position History:
  • 2022-Present   Associate Editors (Transactions on AgriFood Electronics (TAFE) Editorial Board)
  • Recognitions:
  • 2024-2025 Industrial Distinguished Lecturer
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