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Event Recap: IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Industrial Forum “Cybersecurity in IoT for Mobility”

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Hosting Chapter: Singapore Chapter
Main Organizers: Wang Yi and Xuepei Wu

Date: 17th April 2024, Wednesday 8:30 AM - 1:45 PM
Venue: Multi-Purpose Hall, Continental Building, 80 Boon Keng Rd 339780

IEEE Circuits and Systems Society (CASS) Singapore Chapter has successfully organized a half-day workshop on 17 April 2024 for the CAS Industrial Forum with Continental Automotive Company- Cybersecurity in IoT for Mobility.

The event was opened by Mr. Vincent Wong, Director of Software and Central Technology from Continental Automotive Singapore, and Prof. Yuanjin Zheng, Chair of IEEE CAS Singapore Chapter with the emphasizing the importance of industry and academic fields. Mr. Wong mentioned that With the increasing complexity and connectivity of modern vehicles, cybersecurity has become a critical aspect of automotive engineering to safeguard against cyber threats and vulnerabilities. Prof. Zheng said that in this fast-paced digital era, the importance of cybersecurity and privacy cannot be overstated. As we embark on this summit, we embrace the mantra that the Future is Now, and indeed, collaboration makes a difference. It is through collective effort and shared knowledge that we can navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity challenges and shape a safer digital future.  He also introduced the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society is the leading organization that promotes the advancement of the theory, analysis, design, tools, and implementation of circuits and systems. And 2024 is a remarkable year for CAS with its 75th Anniversary!

After this opening, the event started with the following flow:
Dr. Michael Kasper, CEO Fraunhofer, shared invaluable insights into cutting-edge AI in Automotive Cybersecurity strategies. Professor Ruben Niederhagen, hailing from Academia Sinica, Taiwan delved deep into the Post Quantum Cryptography in mobility security. Niels de Boer from the Centre of Excellence for Testing & Research of Autonomous Vehicles – NTU (CETRAN) offered thought-provoking perspectives on autonomous framework mobility in the realm of mobility. Ravi Subramaniam, representing IEEE Standard Association, USA, shed light on the IEEE AI Ethics Certification and the Social responsibility in autonomous intelligent systems. 

Their collective wisdom illuminated pathways for navigating the intricate landscape of cybersecurity in automotive, underscoring the importance of collaboration and innovation in safeguarding our connected future.