Boosting Energy Harvesting Efficiency: Innovations in CMOS Rectifier Techniques for Enhanced Power Conversion, Sensitivity, and Dynamic Range


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This presentation delves into the pivotal role of the rectifier in energy harvesting systems, responsible for converting energy sources into usable DC output, essential for powering various applications. A noteworthy aspect is the seamless integration of CMOS rectifiers with other System-on-Chip (SoC) applications, capitalizing on their compactness and efficiency.

In the contemporary technological landscape, CMOS rectifiers have become fully implementable, facilitating their integration within energy harvesting systems. This presentation explores advanced techniques for optimizing CMOS rectifiers, including threshold compensation to enhance sensitivity, biasing methods for improving Power Conversion Efficiency (PCE), and rectifier reconfiguration for expanding the power dynamic range.

Throughout the presentation, the audience will gain insights into the cutting-edge techniques and breakthroughs in CMOS rectification. These innovations have significant implications for a range of applications and industries, promising heightened performance and adaptability within energy harvesting systems. This discussion underscores the transformative potential of CMOS rectifier techniques in enhancing energy harvesting efficiency, enabling a more sustainable and dynamic energy landscape.