Intelligent Energy Harvesting: Unleashing the Power of Hybrid Sources and Adaptive System Reconfiguration for Optimal Performance and Application-Specific Tuning


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Motivated by the need to advance the efficiency and adaptability of energy acquisition method, this talk aims to investigate the paradigm of intelligent energy harvesting. This topic is driven by the imperative to enhance the effectiveness of energy harvesting systems in an era where sustainability is paramount. By incorporating hybrid energy sources such as Thermoelectric Generators (TEG), solar panels, and piezoelectric devices alongside RF energy harvesting, we seek to create a robust, adaptable, and dynamic energy ecosystem.

The central focus of this discussion is the development of an energy harvesting system capable of seamlessly transitioning between modes, thereby optimizing performance parameters including side power dynamic range and power conversion efficiency (PCE), surpassing the 20% benchmark.

The presentation also delves into the integration of hybrid energy sources and the intelligent orchestration of these resources. Real-world applications of this technology will be explored, shedding light on its transformative potential within the sustainable energy landscape. This presentation offers valuable insights into the role of intelligent energy harvesting and its ability to revolutionize the approach to sustainable energy solutions, ensuring a more adaptive and eco-friendly future.