Low Power, High Efficiency Transmitter for Wireless Biomedical Recorder


Milin Zhang

Tsinghua University, Beijing

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Ultra-low-power (ULP) short-range wireless radio frequency end is required in various applications, such as Internet of Things (IoT), body-area networks (BAN), sensors networks, and biomedical implants. This seminar will focus on the design of high efficiency ULP transmitter design. There are two challenges in the design of a fully integrated ULP TX with lower than 0dBm output power. Firstly, the on-chip matching network with high impedance conversion ratio usually causes a low power efficiency. Secondly, it is difficult to suppress higher-order harmonic of the switching PA due to the low Q-factor of the on-chip inductor. The potential solutions will be discussed for both Mbps and Gbps througoutput scenarios.