Low Power, Low Noise Analog-Front-End for Biomedical Signal Acquisition


Milin Zhang

Tsinghua University, Beijing

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Low noise amplifier is one of the most significant modules in the design of a bio-signal sensor interface. An AFE features input- referred noise (IRN) as low as to μV level is required to fit the requirement of a high precision acquisition. In addition, the performance of low-power consumption is also expected to extend the battery life, as well as to reduce self-heating of the implanted device for safety. This seminar will focus on the design of a low-noise, low total harmonic distortion (THD) chopper amplifier. It will first cover an introduction on different types of the AFEs. The trade-off between the noise and power will be outlined, which is typically quantitatively measured in terms of noise-efficiency factor. System implementation and applications will also be discussed.