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Joint Division 1 (CASS/EDS/SSCS/CEDA/NTC) Webinar: Am I qualified to be considered for an IEEE Fellow?


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Am I qualified to be considered for an IEEE Fellow?

IEEE fellow grade is a prestigious recognition by the Institute to a single individual for his or her technical accomplishments in impacting society at large. It is highly sought-after across the globe. How do you answer the question then: Am I qualified to be considered for an IEEE fellow? What is the best way to prepare a nomination package? This talk by Dr. Don Tan will provide a unique perspective from an IEEE Fellow Committee Chair's viewpoint. It tries to demystify the fellow nomination and evaluation process. This is part of a continued effort by the FC to help increase the nomination pool size each year, particularly from underrepresented geographic areas, such as Region 9, African Council, Eastern Europe, Pacific Inlanders, underrepresented technical disciplines, such as industry, standards, education, and underrepresented groups to enhance Equity and Diversity. Topics include: 1) IEEE membership grades, 2) Relevant membership statistics, 3) Find a mentor/sponsor, 4) Judging yourself, 5) Importance of your nomination package, and 6) Reference resources and endorsement letters.


This talk will take place on 10 January 2024 at 11:00 AM EST (-5:00 UTC) and features a talk by Dr. Don Tan The talk is titled "Am I qualified to be considered for an IEEE Fellow?".

Registration for this series is entirely free and will be limited to the first 1,000 registrants per event. If you cannot register, you can also attend the webinar via LinkedIn Live. Following the webinar, the recording will be available on the CASS Resource Center and as a lesson in the CASS Microlearning (CASS MiLe) e-learning platform. In CASS MiLe, interested practitioners can learn through short didactic units (micro-lessons) with practical questions, and upon lesson completion, learners receive digital badges/certificates.

Speaker Biography
Dr. Tan
is with NGSS, where he served to executive level as Distinguished Engineer, Fellow, Chief Engineer-Power Conversion, program manager, department manager, and center director. Don earned his PhD from Caltech and is an IEEE fellow. Well-recognized as a visionary leader in ultra-efficient power conversion and electronic energy systems, he has pioneered breakthrough innovations with high-impact industry firsts and record performances that “significantly enhance our national security.” Recent launch of JWST Space Telescope represents human’s most power telescope for a historical mission. His suite of the world-class electronics performed flawlessly for JWST on orbit, one million miles sway, with world record-breaking performances. 

Don has delivered 70+ keynotes/invited global presentations. He is, among others, Chair, IEEE Fellow Committee, IEEE Board of Directors, Vice Chair, Industry Engagement Committee and Immediate Past Steering Committee Chair, IEEE PELS/PES eGrid. He was Director, IEEE Board of Directors, PELS Long Range Planning Committee Chair, Nomination Committee Chair, PELS President, Editor-in-Chief (Founding) for IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Power Electronics, General Conference Chair for APEC, Vice President-Operations, Guest Editor-in-Chief for IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics and IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Fellow Committee, Vice President-Meetings, IEEE Chair for IEEE/Google Little Box Challenge (awarded $1M cash prize), and IEEE/DoD Working Group Chair, developed IEEE/ANSI stds 1515/1573. He also serves on many national and international award, review and selection committees.